Nate Najar is an American guitarist, composer and producer.


The critics and cognoscenti agree: jazz guitarist Nate Najar’s virtuosity exudes a dynamic and truly intoxicating elegance. His artistry evokes a modern and progressive attitude that perpetuates the legacy of the great Charlie Byrd. But while Najar’s imaginative playing is steeped in Byrd’s tradition it nevertheless emulates a collection of other artistic musical influences, including classical, bebop, fusion, bossa nova and even post modern, which have all culminated to inspire a player whose sophisticated and often innovative artistry has placed him in many of the world’s most prestigious music venues and produced many superb recordings.


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“Najar and his mates have created a gem with “Under Paris Skies.” – Jersey Jazz Journal

“Nate’s playing is quietly spectacular and the sound he gets out of his unamplified guitar is a gorgeous song itself.”  – Jazz Lives 

“There is no doubt that there is a piece of Charlie’s soul in Nate’s mind, heart and fingers.” – Becky Byrd, wife of the late guitarist Charlie Byrd